There is more to growing a garden than just planting seeds


Our¬†daughter leaves home today, she’s 15.

Hopefully she will come back many, many times during the rest of her lifetime both to live and to visit but things will never be the same again. ¬†She’s off on her big adventure, the first (I hope) of many.

Our¬†daughter is off on exchange to Finland for a year with Rotary and she will live and go to school in a small community on the west side of the country about 4 hours from Helsinki. ¬†As an aside, my first bout of morning sickness when I was pregnant with Meg was in Helsinki. ¬†Aub and I went there to mark our first wedding anniversary – one year around the sun as husband and wife. The circle of life continues….

Meg (our daughter) is a keen gardener, her passion fruit flowered today and that brought with it much excitement of treats to come! ¬†I’ll have to tend to it now that she’s leaving and I’m a terrible gardener – terrible because I tend to forget that plants need feeding – a reality not unlike that of having children really!

Anyway, while having that conversation with Meg this morning a thought came into my head:

There is more to growing a garden than just planting seeds.



So we part ways with Meg today knowing that while we have nurtured, fed, protected and (hopefully) inspired Meg to the best of our ability and all of our good will and love now it is her turn!¬†¬†She now has a big opportunity to grow her own garden (so to speak) and to enjoy all of the fruits of her labour safe in the knowledge that she did this, she made this happen, this was and is her choice. ¬†Just like in the garden there is no guarantee that what she plants will blossom and there’s always a chance that the hours invested¬† will appear to come to nothing at times. Finally there’s the frustrating reality that the juiciest¬†of fruits sometimes grow just out of reach OR get munched upon by something else.

I know that you will take all of this in your stride Meg.

So today I’m not sad, I’m excited as this moment is everything I’ve ever wanted for my child. To be strong, bold, courageous and motivated enough to take her own chances and undertake her own adventures. To somewhat outgrow me and what I can offer here in the safety of our home.

Go for it Meg, I’ll be willing you on and supporting you all the way and (hopefully) keeping your actual garden here alive and well.


Your mum.

Amanda x


The Point of Life is not to become perfect but rather to accept our imperfections with grace.


Perfection is an illusion and yet we still spend our lives chasing cures for ourselves as we attempt to break free from the shackles of our past mistakes and foibles.

I have given up on all of that and have chosen to embrace me, the whole of me, including those bits I would rather not have to deal with.

But that doesn’t mean¬†I’ve stopped declared ‘game over’ in camp¬†self-development, that’s not it at all. ¬†What I mean is I’m choosing to¬†focusing on finding acceptance those things I cannot (or don’t want to) change at this time with good grace. ¬†That I may exist imperfectly but peacefully, helpfully and happily in my wholeness.

And it’s about time as perfection quests are joyless tasks.


The Value of the Pause


It occurred to me today, as I stepped onto the scales only to find that I’m the same weight as yesterday (I don’t usually weigh myself daily or weekly for that matter but right now, post-Christmas, feeling ¬†like I’m 7 months preggo I’m doing it and mainly because I am fascinated in the science experiment that is my body….) that the pause is as important as the progress.

I’m wanting to drop 2Kg in weight not necessarily because of how I look – although I admit to looking more rounded at the mo – but because of how it makes me feel. I have various food intolerance issues¬†and have let thinking and planning for that slip by the wayside over the December¬†due to a combination of tiredness, busy-ness, ¬†partying and not wanting to even think about what I was eating. ¬†Consequently I’m now heavier and less healthy than I want to¬†be. The weight for me is as much a sign of my guts going into shut-down as it is a logical consequence of consuming more than I expend or can reasonably cope with. ¬†I’m not even sure I have consumed too much but anyway…. The net result is feeling sick all day, every day. ¬†I’m not sure that people who just put on a couple of pounds feel totally sick too.

So that’s the position I find myself in and on seeing the numbers – the exact same as yesterday- I did come up with this thought. ¬†The pause here is that my weight hasn’t gone up or down. It had got stuck (albeit for a day so far). ¬†I was momentarily disappointed in that. ¬†I sat thinking about this reality for a moment. ¬†I wondered how long it might take for the scales to reward me for the work I’d been doing in bypassing croissants and gingerbread in favour of avocado, nuts and tuna salad. ¬†I wondered if it matters how long it takes? ¬†I concluded that it doesn’t matter that much.

Another thought came to me.

I am often so focused on the end goal that I forget about all the stages in the process and have a tendency to either miss the planning and the pause stage entirely (I can be quite impulsive) or rush it so I can get on with the good stuff.

The planning in this situation was to do with what I was going to eat and how I can make that happen.

The pause here physically is in weight loss but mentally it’s much more than that. I didn’t lose any weight today but what I gained here was a chance to really think about my life and the care I take of myself. To feel like I’ve created a space.

I remembered why this mattered to me long-term and all the ways that rushing and stressing were counter-productive to my long-term health goals.

My mind shifted towards this being a metaphor for life in general.

I realise that the most important part of any action is not only to busy ourselves with the plan and the practicalities of the situation but to also take the time to pause where we are and to shuffle around there until we create ourselves a safe and firm base.  Holding firm, standing strong, securing our position, creating room to rest, reflect and grow.

I conjure¬†up an image of an army base where no matter what happens on the field the troupes can come back and rest safe in the knowledge that all-being-well they won’t go backwards from here.

I’m feeling grateful for having been reminded of that today even if it did take something that I regard as a pretty silly thing for me to do to bring it to my attention.

My motto for today is:  Pause, embed your Plan and Progress will follow.

Vive le pause ūüôā



We should all just accept that there will be an airport at Badgerys Creek.


As 2016 came to an end the Australian Government ticked the last in a series of boxes that are required to make the building of Badgerys Creek airport legally possible.  With that final tick came the end of a long and drawn out process of on-again-off-again process and debate.  The only thing missing now, as we hit our 2017 stride is the cash.

Who will pay?


But that small, insignificant job of raising the several billion needed to make this thing fly so to speak is outside of our (layman’s) control. ¬†What we can control is how we feel about the whole thing and what we do next.

Predictably, what ‘we’ feel at this moment is becoming increasingly interesting.

This is cranking up to be a shit fight.

So for the last year the major voices we’ve heard on this issue have been as follows:

  • Australian Liberal Government. ¬†Love it, can’t get enough of it, do it and do it 24/7 over Blaxlands house.
  • Australian Labor Government (the opposition). ¬†HQ loves it, can’t get enough of it but then they remember they are labor and labor is the people’s party and decide that they are all for it as long as it’s not all over Blaxlands house.
  • Australian Labor Party, Western Sydney Division AKA those lucky buggers who will be living with it 24/7 and especially those who just got elected to the job or received an increase in support. ¬†OK so not all hate it but the cheerleading is more ‘groan’ than ‘yippee’. ¬†Why can’t we have a curfew? ¬†Why not high speed rail? What do you mean we have to cop the pollution? ¬†Why not throw in a massive F**K me incinerator too! ¬†Show me the detail? ¬†Excuse me for being more than a little suspicious over the fact that a bunch of Mosman and Beach living city slickers know what’s best for us. ¬†Do you even know where Badgerys Creek is people?
  • Australian Liberal Party Representatives Blue Mountains pre-election – Not really liking the idea that the current EIS promotes thank you very much. Mucho concerning and not 100% convinced on the ‘what’s in it for us’ package on offer. Post election – OK so two have now decided that we should just embrace the awesomeness that is the BC airport much to the bemusement of the rest of council (allegedly).
  • Local residents group RAWSA. ¬†A heady mix between NO AIRPORT, ¬†NO 24/7 Airport, ¬†NOT THIS AIRPORT and NO IDEA WHY WE CAN’T HAVE HIGH SPEED RAIL INSTEAD?
  • Interested local residents against the airport. ¬†Read, think about it, act then get on with life.
  • Interested local residents for the airport. ¬†Get with the program people, this is an amazing opportunity and I want it written in as many places as possible.

It’s fair to say that the majority of residents local to me here in the Blue Mountains have taken a somewhat less active interest in the whole debacle over the last 14 months and I can’t really blame them – there is only so much any one of us can do. But now, as I said things have changed.

The anti has been upped.

And some of the people who were quiet before, including elected councillors have decided to speak up and what they are saying is that this airport is going to be GREAT.

I wonder if this is a bit like the Trump victory where lots of people want to say ‘I’m voting for HIM’ but felt somehow unable to do so. ¬†On the other hand I wonder if, like the Trump victory the supporters are still in a minority when it comes to the popular vote but that again like Trump they might win anyway (as the Government is on their side after all….). ¬†Whatever way this plays out the ‘for it’ camp are starting to sing out and I for one feel that is a good thing. ¬†We have to air it and share it is my motto (well, one of them).

So what are they saying?

Well one thing that is coming across loud and clear is the notion that we should just accept this airport as a done deal and make the best of it.

While this risks making me come over all over-reactive and hysterical I do find that attitude most perplexing given this is an entirely man-made project that can ONLY go ahead with popular support and money (potentially OUR money) and that we live in a democratic country where (supposedly) our voices and opinions all count. ¬† I mean sure I can understand that ‘stiff upper lip’ attitude when some other country just invaded you and will kill you if you try to resist but this isn’t a siege, it’s a minor domestic economic situation.

Also in my head I liken that attitude to the mindset of someone who has been groomed for something against their wishes. Be it a hostage or a victim of domestic violence or abuse the air of surrender just leaves me cold.  As my blog says the only choice we have is how to respond so why not respond with your whole heart be that for or against?

From where I’m sitting I would say this, Goliath doesn’t need the extra¬†support thank you. ¬†He seems to be bigger, better resourced¬†and has the power of the law (he makes them), the media (he controls them) and the people (both major parties officially support this) on his side. ¬†To turn now just because apparently ‘it’s happening anyway and we might miss out if we keep sulking’ ¬†would be the ultimate sheeple thing to do unless of course we had ‘seen the same light’ that the other true supporters have.

But let’s pretend we did do that, we did just go with it.

What would the Blue Mountains Council do next?

Well I for one would want answers to the following questions based on the following assumptions upon which our support is now resting:

The Future is Rosy Scenario.

The Badgerys Creek airport will drive more tourists to the district, increase house prices, make the place more desirable to live in, give local businesses more customers and generally make the area more prosperous.


  • How are the thousands of tourists who fly into Badgerys Creek planning to get up to the Blue Mountains being as though there is no direct train link planned between the airport and Penrith and that the current line servicing the mountains is practically fully utilised?
  • If there is no train link between the new airport and the mountains how are the roads going to cope with what would have to be a dramatic increase in traffic to produce enough income to deliver these benefits and off-set the costs (peace, potential change to UNESCO status etc)?
  • As the area becomes more desirable and the population of Western Sydney grows how will the Blue Mountains balance¬†the increased pressure to provide for a growing population with bush fire risk and the desire to maintain the Unique ambience of mountain living (why people come here)?
  • How can we best promote the Blue Mountains as a destination for longer term stays and environmental appreciation and protection rather than as a one-day drive through that takes from the mountains more than it gives back? ¬†Do we really want to encourage thousands of day trippers over weekenders and honeymooners?
  • Why do people come here anyway? ¬†If it has anything to do with wilderness, nature, peace, clean air, space, quaint village life and independent retailers and cafes how are we going to protect that?

That’s enough for starters.

So we have a pretty much believable and credible scenario of an opportunity for growth and prosperity if only we just get on board. But most people can see that while building an airport might create some opportunities, fully realising and integrating those into our Blue Mountains community requires further investment and work.

This is where the psychology gets interesting.

I wonder if the people¬†urging us to support this are¬†worried¬†that we might miss out if we don’t get on board? ¬†If we’ll be punished, given the cold shoulder for not playing ball.

Interesting thought.

In addition there are murmurings that we are at risk of missing out on our chair at the negotiating table by being like this.

That may be true I guess but if we are just going along with it because we are scared of missing out and can only go if we agree to swallow our opposition and sit on our hands ¬†I’m not sure¬†its at all worth it.

What would happen if we just continue to oppose this (if that’s what we collectively believe)?

I really do think that there is a FEAR brewing that we really will be punished by being starved of funds, infrastructure and attention if we pursue with this obstinance¬†of airport opposition but it makes no sense for the government to even do that and in any case, it won’t be just the government invested in this.

Why cut off your nose to spite your face?

There is just too much money, time and political energy at stake here to risk that type of behaviour Рif the airport is going to be built, and the rhetoric about jobs and growth and tourism is true the Blue Mountains just HAS to receive attention regardless of whether we voted yes or no for the airport thing.  The pressure from the Australian Tourism Board, the airport operators and the international market would be much more powerful than that of a few hundred angry or enthusiastic residents shouting yes or no into cyberspace.

Just imagine the global embarrassment that is an airport 70km from the iconic and heavily publicised Three Sisters that is IMPOSSIBLE to get to in under two hours due to the slowness of the train, the congestion on the roads and the cost of the Uber driver. ¬†It only takes 2 hours from Sydney by train now AND it only costs $5.81 each way. ¬†You can even drive it in 90 minutes which is only 30 minutes more than the current BC-K Town estimates. ¬†Better for tourists? ¬†I’m not so sure…..

In some ways I see this airport as a Trogan horse that bashes the door down to allow for mass immigration, population growth, high-density living and the commodification of nature. ¬†Think this is too far-fetched? ¬†Then look at the predicted usage figures that justify Badgers Crack and also look at all the housing development that’s going in around the base of the mountains already! ¬†Anyone would think we’re looking to re-house the whole of Syria out here and then invite each family to have 10 children each!

But I digress.

The questions that I’ve got in my head are just as relevant for me to have answers to (as a no airport supporter) as I believe they are for people who are all for it. ¬†It makes no sense financially to spend billions on a project that won’t actually deliver on what it claims to promise and if the new airport isn’t promising greater wealth opportunities for the Blue Mountains and beyond and more convenient travel then why do it? ¬†Overseas visitors don’t give a shit if this thing has been on again and off again for 50 or more years, they only care if it makes sense and makes their holiday or business trip easier and comfortable.


I do accept that in any situation where there are conflicting points of view that one side will lose out and¬†that there does come a time when one does have to make a decision to either get on with it or leave but that time and that decision is not for now. This thing isn’t built and open yet.

For now I think it is pertinent for all sides to acknowledge that there are big, important questions yet to be answered and a shit fight of name calling, shutting down, bullying and shaming is not helpful.

The worst that can happen at the moment is that neither side likes, trusts or respects each others point of view. ¬†I do feel that is starting to happen and one place that can’t happen is with our leaders on council (thankfully it hasn’t yet).

This airport has the power and support to go ahead whether the Blue Mountains support it or not.

This airport deal also has the potential to be shelved whether the Blue Mountains supports it or not.

At the end of the day it is, and always has been outside of our jurisdiction and budgetary control.

What matters is that the Blue Mountains City Council create space for each and every person interested in getting involved to do so.  That all residents and councillors are listened to and that their views are acknowledged, addressed and represented moving forward.

If we don’t manage to do that¬†we have wasted our time and achieved nothing.

And as for the amount of money spent then I say this. What is spent is spent and has been spent with council approval.  Going forward it is important we re-evaluate our position and what we are prepared to spend to back that up.  I believe that is exactly what the council proposes to do at the next meeting which is to be held on 31st January. I will be there.

My final thought for today on this is as follows,  I believe it is time that our collective argument against this airport moves beyond just NO.

I also believe that it is time that our collective support moves deeper than just ‘yes’.

It’s time to talk and more importantly, it is time for everyone to listen, really listen.

New Year’s Resolutions. Are they bullshit?


My personal favourite part of the Christmas/ New Year break is that twilight zone between the big events РChristmas day and New Years Eve.  I used to hate that time, find it endlessly boring Рnobody is around to hang out with,  nothing much is open, the weather is crappy (in England where I grew up it might be wet and windy, here in Australia it can be extremely hot and often humid- sticky), nobody has any money and everyone feels sick from eating and drinking with wild abandon.  But something has changed in me over the last few years and now I just adore that week between worlds where everyone zombies around feeling hung over except for me.  I use that time to reflect, review and re-position.

Oh and now I sound like a perfect know-it-all pratlet don’t I?

I honestly don’t mean to.

But while I relish that chance to clear and cleanse the mind, this year I noticed a trend towards people actively NOT making New Years Resolutions. In fact more than a handful of people I met or know from my Facebook/ Instagram musings had posted things like this:

And I think that’s lovely too.

But¬†it did raise a thought within me ‘what is the point in this reflection anyway?’

It is a well-known and much laughed about ‘fact’ that we make New Years resolutions on December 31st when feeling like a broke, tired beached whale to look after ourselves more, go to the gym, kick ass and win the lottery only to wake up around now (4th Jan) thinking ‘fuck it, ¬†this is just me, change is a trap, a conspiracy, who was I trying to kid’

I have done exactly that this year too. In spite of my joyous planning week I’ve failed on one of my big hitting goals and haven’t ‘eaten a rainbow’ ¬†once so far this year. In fact the most colourful thing I’ve eaten was the icing off the gingerbread. ¬†Ouch.

I guess that could be a big reason people mock the whole enthusiastic ‘new year, new me’ type of thinking so much. ¬† That inevitable slap-stick set-me-up-for-a-big-fall type thing that opens the door to criticism (self and otherwise) and practically invites people to poke and prod your bloated stomach come March and say ‘see the New Years Resolutions are going well then you fat bastard hahahahaha’……

But for me it isn’t about that.

It isn’t about the little actions we do or don’t do every day. The ripples we make or don’t make on the surface. ¬†It’s about what goes on underneath it all, in private.

In private? Well why post it all over social media then?

For me, that sharing is about making those intentions known to the universe ¬†by public declaration and as social media has become for many (me included) an extension of our bedroom or office walls why not? ¬†I don’t go to church and¬†can’t spare the $50 to put a notice in the paper so there you go……


When I make an intention to eat a rainbow what I’m doing is reminding myself of the power of food and good nutrition to centre me, my mind and body. ¬†I’m not so much worrying about whether I weigh 65Kg or 68Kg on any given day and neither am I worried about ‘falling off the wagon’. ¬†For me as for many others food can be an emotional thing too and I actually enjoy observing how my tastes change based on how stressed, busy, tired or excited I am. ¬†I have realised over the years that I can indulge (and face the consequences) once in a while without collapsing in a heap and that as long as I have a general direction to head in I’ll eventually find my way there. ¬†Eating one rainbow a week is better than not eating any, ever.

And so I go on. ¬†Most of my intentions for 2017 are not food, weight, looks, financially orientated. Instead they are around exploring feelings, valuing time, prioritising actions that solve problems and creating space for adventure. ¬†For me it’s all based around this idea really:


So I’ll go into 2017 knowing that I might spend some of it 2kg too heavy, might get that sciatica back because I haven’t stretched it out every night, ¬†might take on too much or sleep too little but I’ll also know that I have a plan, a destination that I’m aiming for and that every footstep I make in that direction will help me grow.

And if we are not here to grow, what are we here for?




It’s starting to feel like the Daily Telegraph will cry if this bloody airport isn’t built. Now why is that????


So I used googles ‘news’ tab and googled ‘Badgerys Creek’ today and came up with this (yes I’m talking about the airport again):

Now I did make it one of my new year’s resolutions not to ‘consume’ too much junk media ‘news’ but I can’t help but have one last Hoorah binge with this lot of lovelies, not least because it does confirm to me that the Tele really does love Badgerys Creek and will not stop singing its praises (and criticising its opponents) until the bloody thing gets built (if indeed it does).

I really don’t like the Telegraph. It reminds me of the UK’s Daily Mail which became fascinated to the point of Manic Obsession with Princess Diana in the 90’s, in fact it became nauseatingly worrying, as if it was building to a big climax, which it did, with her death in 1997 (not that that was the papers fault but you could clearly feel some weird energy brewing even without the benefit of hindsight). ¬†Not that that’s relevant but it does feel like the same type of mania is driving these column inches ¬†– a mania that is about something other than plain old ‘news’.

Before I go on I do think it is worth mentioning that while I detest the Telegraph newspaper lots of people seem to like it or at least read it. In fact it is getting more, rather than less popular (and I’ll not speculate as to why). ¬†If the Telegraph is to be believed their readership climbed 0.8% over 2016 to 998,000 per day which is 13.22% of the NSW Population (this is a NSW paper) according to this article. ¬† However, I am not sure if those figures are right given the Australian Bureau of Circulation claims the figure to be closer to 998,000 annually rather than daily. ¬†An innocent little typo maybe? ¬†Or maybe I’m reading the figures incorrectly? ¬†Anyway, if we take the circulation figures from ABC we actually see a drop in daily readership to around 233,837 which is still more than double its nearest rival, the Australian followed closely by the Herald Sun.

The Daily Telegraph is owned by News Corp. The same group also owns The Australian (which has a circulation according to ABC of around 400,000 pa) which is their more highbrow paper. ¬† The group is owned by Rupert Murdoch and they also happen to own lots of local newspapers across NSW including all of these – I’ve highlighted the ones that lie in the Badgery’s Creek drop zone just so you know who’s singing to them:

 (from WIKIPEDIA) Cumberland/Courier (NSW) newspapers

  • Blacktown Advocate
  • Canterbury-Bankstown Express
  • Central
  • Central Coast Express Advocate
  • Fairfield Advance
  • Hills Shire Times
  • Hornsby and Upper North Shore Advocate
  • Inner West Courier
  • Liverpool Leader
  • Macarthur Chronicle
  • Mt Druitt-St Marys Standard
  • North Shore Times
  • Northern District Times
  • Parramatta Advertiser
  • Penrith Press
  • Rouse Hill Times
  • Southern Courier
  • The Manly Daily
  • The Mosman Daily
  • Village Voice Balmain
  • Wentworth Courier

So now that we know that we can see what they have been saying. I’ve summarised it here with my own interpretation, you can check out the original articles for yourself using the headlines in the pictures with the dates. ¬†I’m sure it will be fascinating!

From first page to last we have the following:

  • Telegraph Speculation of what the airport will be called because we all know by now, thanks to the Telegraph that this is a done deal and all we have left to do is name the baby. ¬†Cute.
  • Telegraph final call to get on board. ¬†OK so this thing is so amazingly awesome according to the Telegraph that this once-in-a-lifetime deal MUST be taken up IMMEDIATELY WITHOUT DELAY to secure your future wealth and happiness. ¬†This article comes on the back of Sydney Airport Corp playing hard ball and requesting a bit more time to do their math but of course that’s un-Australian and if they don’t pull their finger out the government will take up this amazing offer themselves because they are not pussies.
  • Telegraph –¬†Albo slams critics of the airport. ¬† So in July 2016 Australia went to the polls and throughout Western Sydney – the airport bonanza heartland – the Liberals were rolled in favour of the Labor party. ¬†OK it wasn’t all about the airport but there is a strong contingent of Labor people who are quite vocal about opposing the current EIS and the way this ‘thing’ has come about. ¬†In spite of people voting for these local members the Labor party central now see’s fit to criticise Badgery’s Haters (yes, even though they are in the same party). ¬†Nice one mate. Albo, do you want to come clean about what you’ve been telling your local electorate about Badgerys? ¬†The locals that currently get more than their fair share of noise from Mascott?
  • Sydney Morning Herald (Fairfax Media). ¬†At last, an article that gives facts rather than opinion. ¬†This relates to the fact that Paul Fletcher Transport Minister issued a notice of intention to Sydney Airport Corp who subsequently questioned the detail, asked for more time to consider the proposal and scratched their heads over a way to make the thing financially viable. ¬†Refreshing.
  • Sydney Morning Herald. Airport gets green light. ¬†Again a mainly factual explanation of what is actually going on. A few concerns raised (rail ready vs rail implemented?) plus a general air of relief that it is finally moving forward.
  • The Australian. ¬†Sydney airport run Badgery’s Creek The best option. ¬† Basically again trying to push the narrative that this is piece of infrastructure is the best thing for Australia and that any delay is pure folly. ¬†The language is less direct than with the Telegraph but there is no questioning the sentiments behind the piece.
  • The Australian – Mascot airport owner cannot halt Badgerys Creek development. ¬†Well you can now see they are getting scared but are trying to re-assure us all that this airport we’ve all come to know and love will go ahead anyway by hook or by crook….
  • The Australian. Badgerys Creek airport deal doesn’t stack up – At last a Murdoch rag article that is on the (truth) money. ¬† The reality that developing a green field site and waiting 20 plus years for a return on your investment while your current investment has to support and share the income with its baby brother¬†has hit home. ¬†The only way this is going to happen is if the government helps pay for it and by the government we mean YOU (me/ us/ Australians).
  • The Australian. Badgerys Creek Landowners in line for a windfall. ¬†A feel good story based on three regular Aussie families who are set to cash in big time when their land is turned into an airport. Everyones a winner baby…. Yes but what they don’t tell you is that the major land owners out that way are not your average, loveable ¬†Aussie battlers.
  • The Telegraph. ALP in air farce dogfight over Badgerys Creek. ¬†OK so this was interesting. The Tele once again turned its attention on the recently elected Labor politicians that have questioned the Badgerys Creek proposal and what it will mean for their constituents. ¬†Apparently standing up for your local community and demanding facts rather than fiction gets you beat up in the ‘news’ papers these days. Slammed for standing in the way of jobs, progress, common sense and anything else they can throw at them these politicians. They really did get a serve.

8 articles for Murdoch and 2 for Fairfax.

Only one of the above Murdoch articles could be classified as  more news than opinion in my humble opinion. The Fairfax paper did seem to get the balance right without being blatantly for or against the proposal.

In addition to the articles above there were another 20 articles before I stopped searching (on page 3)

Of these 14 were from the Murdoch stable and included the Gold Coast Bulletin having a go at Western Sydney MP Ed Husic, ¬†News.Com website focusing on the property price bonanza that is Badgerys Creek and Melbourne’s Herald Sun putting the word out in Melbourne that Badgerys Creek will be rail ready (because the Melbourne audience have already seen what a glowing success two airports with no rail link can be – Avalon lame duck and Tullamarine – missed my plane because I’m stuck in traffic (true story, cost $400 to get home).

So that’s 30 articles ¬†reviewed in total of which 22 ¬†or 73% were what I’d classify as a Murdoch based Love fest. I’m not going to go on any more as it will start to feel like I’m some whack job weirdo with nothing better to do but make shit up. ¬†Maybe I should apply for a job at the Telegraph…..

Anyway, like that famous rapadelic song once said ‘I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger but she ‘ain’t hanging with no broke, broke, broke….’

And I’m also thinking of that Meme between Putin and Trump.

Airport ‘news’ feels a bit like that. Yeh.

And the Telegraph is starting to sound a bit too….. desperate.

It’s sad really.

PS: ¬†If you don’t believe me just ask the Telegraph about that Pemulwuy Prize awarded earlier this year and while you are there ask them if it is all going to plan?

Let’s sit back and listen to the terminator.


Who would have thought that the man we called the Terminator through the 80s and 90s would be making so much sense about global warming today?   Arnie says it as it is and makes a powerful argument for us to act and act NOW.

Over the years I’ve tried various times to come up with a position that suits my exact personality type when it comes to actions to mitigate global warming and our insatiable appetite for fossil fuel use. While I’m a bit of a ‘green’ heart I’m not really enough to be down with the in-crowed who walk everywhere barefoot, ¬†grow their own sweet potatoes before turning them into chips in their own solar ovens, ¬†tie-dying their own clothes and living in an eco-friendly mud hut. ¬† I’m also not the type to just go out and buy everything just because it’s ‘green’ and I have to admit that I do find it hard to give up my love of the automobile in favour of public transport or my bike. ¬†I can’t even manage to remember by re-usable shopping bags or water bottle every trip in spite of having several that spew out all over the kitchen floor every morning when I go to find a lid for my Tupperware.

Personally I disappoint myself in that regard.

But that’s why I am loving what Arnie has to say!

He’s focusing on the big, common sense stuff in a way that makes sense to those of us who pretty much want to just keep on living, making money and being fabulous.

OK, that sounds a bit conceited¬†and not entirely true. ¬†I am prepared to modify my behaviour in order to help save the planet and have been doing so in a variety of ways but I acknowledge that it is hard and that we¬†(individuals like me) need help from the top down. We need to set up, run and invest in businesses that are doing it right and providing us lazy mortals with solutions that don’t cost the earth. That are good for our economy and our planet. ¬†That allow us to breathe easy into the future!

My own personal philosophy has boiled down to this:

Just because you can afford a maid it doesn’t make it right to live like a pig.¬†

Ok so it’s not elegant or particularly meme worthy but my point is clear enough to me.

We know better, we can do better so let’s get on with it because it is the right thing to do.

That’s pretty much the approach that Arnie has taken and proved WORKS which makes it all the more exciting!

Why wouldn’t you invest in or at least cheerlead¬†something that is clean, economically sound and innovative?

What’s stopping you?

I do sometimes wonder why people are still tying themselves up in knots about the science when at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter as the benefits of renewable technology are there for all to see as are the issues with coal.

Maybe it’s a money thing…..

Or maybe it’s them that are the lazy ones.

Be a good citizen and pick up your own shit and if you can’t bend down, at least praise the shit picker upper for helping keep your world peachy.