About Amanda


Hello, my name is Amanda and I am a writer. Well, what I mean is that writing is part of me, it’s what I do when I want to understand something a bit better, to find my way, to grapple and explore and all that comes from that. I didn’t train as a writer, I trained as a chemist – something that I still am and still do and still love too by the way!

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While that process is somewhat therapeutic it is not therapy, it is a mapping out of a personal journey that travels with me inside of my head over the weeks that follow and sometimes turns into a book such as my 2011 tome Amongst Sisters. These thoughts play on inside my mind as I look for and take real world opportunities to develop, connect, grow and learn.

My writing and thinking, thinking and writing are shaped by my life and all of its crazy wonderment. I am a person who is interested in almost everything and whose biggest challenge in life is to control my compulsion to say ‘yes’ to every thought that enters my mind so that I have the space to focus on seeing one or two through to maturity. I am getting better.

Inspiration comes from life – from being a baby of the 70′s, a child of the 80′s a confused spirit of the 90′s, a driven ladder climber of the noughties through to now, a wild spirit with a logical soul with a propensity for finding weak spots and challenging from within. A Trojan horse? It’s possible I guess.

After many tame years I now see myself as a wild woman, not in any outrageous sense but more from a soul perspective – an un-chained spirit free to flow, explore, grow and love on my own terms.  Liberated.

I am also a mother, wife and chief feeder/ pooper scooper and cuddle mother of our three doggies, 5 guinea pigs and anything else that drops by. We all live together in a state of perpetual bewilderment in the lovely Blue Mountains west of Sydney Australia where I also run my consulting business (I am a cosmetic chemist in my other life). If that wasn’t enough we also have a property out west where we are putting together the makings of an off-the-grid life for the next stage in our journey. You can read more about that on our blog Fox Hill Hollow.

I live a rich and varied life both online and off but am forever mindful of the time sucking vampire that Facebook can be. Virtual bewilderment affecting actual life fulfilment seems to be a common theme in these parts and as such is something I write about as are these things:

* The enviroment
* News
* The word on the street (well, my version)
* Books I’ve read
* Walking meditations
* Other stuff that happens

So I do hope that you can join me but if you can’t don’t worry, I’ll just carry on talking to myself about my life less ordinary.

Amanda x

PS: I found out last year that I have A.D.D and one of the consequences of how my brain works is my inability to grasp the writing basics namely spelling and grammar. I am trying (very I hear you say) and hope to one day either a) get better or b) be able to afford an editor. In the meantime you have two choices