Let’s sit back and listen to the terminator.


Who would have thought that the man we called the Terminator through the 80s and 90s would be making so much sense about global warming today?   Arnie says it as it is and makes a powerful argument for us to act and act NOW.

Over the years I’ve tried various times to come up with a position that suits my exact personality type when it comes to actions to mitigate global warming and our insatiable appetite for fossil fuel use. While I’m a bit of a ‘green’ heart I’m not really enough to be down with the in-crowed who walk everywhere barefoot,  grow their own sweet potatoes before turning them into chips in their own solar ovens,  tie-dying their own clothes and living in an eco-friendly mud hut.   I’m also not the type to just go out and buy everything just because it’s ‘green’ and I have to admit that I do find it hard to give up my love of the automobile in favour of public transport or my bike.  I can’t even manage to remember by re-usable shopping bags or water bottle every trip in spite of having several that spew out all over the kitchen floor every morning when I go to find a lid for my Tupperware.

Personally I disappoint myself in that regard.

But that’s why I am loving what Arnie has to say!

He’s focusing on the big, common sense stuff in a way that makes sense to those of us who pretty much want to just keep on living, making money and being fabulous.

OK, that sounds a bit conceited and not entirely true.  I am prepared to modify my behaviour in order to help save the planet and have been doing so in a variety of ways but I acknowledge that it is hard and that we (individuals like me) need help from the top down. We need to set up, run and invest in businesses that are doing it right and providing us lazy mortals with solutions that don’t cost the earth. That are good for our economy and our planet.  That allow us to breathe easy into the future!

My own personal philosophy has boiled down to this:

Just because you can afford a maid it doesn’t make it right to live like a pig. 

Ok so it’s not elegant or particularly meme worthy but my point is clear enough to me.

We know better, we can do better so let’s get on with it because it is the right thing to do.

That’s pretty much the approach that Arnie has taken and proved WORKS which makes it all the more exciting!

Why wouldn’t you invest in or at least cheerlead something that is clean, economically sound and innovative?

What’s stopping you?

I do sometimes wonder why people are still tying themselves up in knots about the science when at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter as the benefits of renewable technology are there for all to see as are the issues with coal.

Maybe it’s a money thing…..

Or maybe it’s them that are the lazy ones.

Be a good citizen and pick up your own shit and if you can’t bend down, at least praise the shit picker upper for helping keep your world peachy.


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