Seriously, Literally or Both?


The word on the street in the U.S of A is that the press took Trump literally but not seriously whereas his supporters took him seriously but not literally.

Which leaves me to wonder why so few people took him both literally and seriously?

Is that a reflection of our collective expectations of our politicians – they say anything to get elected but won’t follow through?

Or is it that there exists a powerful appetite for change and that any change has to be better than this?

Or maybe it’s neither.

It’s had me thinking…..

I still find it hard to answer the question ‘do you believe in God’ because I know that ‘God’ is such a loaded word, shaped by may things including our upbringing, our experience of the world, our aspirations and dreams plus what we feel is ‘right’.  I want to answer the question both literally and seriously but often feel that people would rather me just choose one or the other and leave the interpretation for another day.

And so it is with Trump.

I find it hard and confronting but I’m inclined to take him both literally and seriously. As such  I am not at all excited by the future under Trump but that doesn’t mean I was any more excited of a future under Clinton. Again, it’s like the God question.  Yes or No, this or that answers just don’t cut it.

But here is where we find ourselves and so the next step is to choose how to react and that’s something I’ll deal with when the time comes.

And yes, I do live in Australia but as events of this week have shown, Australia would do anything but question the might and power of their ‘special friend’ the USA even if that does mean bending their morality a tad, not that ‘we’ need much encouragement.

Literally, this is serious.


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