All I can do is write and walk and to be honest I’m not great at either


Life, it’s a funny thing.

If I believed that God was a person (which I don’t) I would be thinking that he laughed when he made me.

Made it my life’s mission to master the art of being patient,

To embody persistence.

See the things I love are also things I’m technically not that good at.


I love it, I’m strong – built like a mountain goat and with as much mental strength and stubbornness.

But I fall over a lot. I slip, trip, slide and stumble.  This is mostly due to my inability to do two things at once – pay attention to both of my feet AND the wonderful surrounds.

Whenever I walk with other people I notice that my own faults become exaggerated to me, that I slip three times to their none. That while I’m quick I’m sometimes dangerous.

I’d be lying if I said it didn’t get me down at times.


And then there’s the writing.  I love it, love the flow of consciousness style that I write with, it feels like I’m becoming more real and more formed with each word that spills out of me. But I can’t spell well – have no ‘feel’ for it and have a limited capacity to build on what I’ve done before and as such tend to make the same mistake again and again and again and again. When it comes to grammar I forget those rules too. Forget or never knew, I’m not sure and is sentence structure a grammar thing because I have an unconventional way with that too.  In any case I get marked down, over-looked, criticised and mocked because of it.  Nobody ever encouraged me to be a writer. Well, actually one person did one day but only because they were trying to talk me out of being what I already was (a chemist) and was equally passionate about. Cold comfort that.

So that’s me.

I love walking but I fall.

I love writing but technically I fail.

But I do both anyway, with passion, enthusiasm and an underlying faith in the fact that this is me and this is what I should do for no other reason than that I love it.


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