And one by one the Republicans distance themselves from Trump…..


Oh come on people

Don’t you see?

His brash credentiality

Was displayed nightly on TV

So where were you?

Don’t blame a lack of education for this stew!


So now you’re outraged

Running scared

‘Cause your constituents have heard

You put your hand up

Loved the fame

But now you’re not game?

Don’t want associations with Trump besides your name?


Well too late Mr.

You got stuck

And you’re running out of luck

So when that unemployment truck

Calls after you

You’ll have to stand up

‘cause there’s nothing left for you to do!


And so the moral of it all

Is principled action stops a fall

You might stand-alone but you’ll stand tall

And be glad you did

But you didn’t want to stand up

Did you kid?


So come on people

Can’t we see

This ‘ain’t reality TV

We can’t sit back and say ‘not me’

‘Cause that’s not true.

You want that unemployment truck coming for you?


We get the pollies we deserve

When citizens forget to serve

‘cause politics gets on our nerves

Not fun like TV

Would rather fiction than a harsh reality.

Is that you or me?


And back to the beginning…….


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