45 km down – A walking meditation


Being an ADHD brain type person I find it easier (and more soothing) to meditate actively. Walking is my current activity of choice because it allows me to really come into the now. I can hold a decent pace for hours on end, a pace that hypnotises the body while releasing the mind for other things.  My hearing becomes more acute ( I have a slight issue with my hearing thanks to a childhood of ear infections and (I suspect) my love of swimming so walking really does start to feel like someone turned up my auditory super-powers), my sense of smell keen and my eyes become attuned to flickers of movement and colour. I become both a tracker and a part of the natural world I walk through.  Magical…….

On Saturday my eldest daughter and I walked from Wentworth Falls to a camp in Little Hartley in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia- 45km and just under 1000 metres of climbing.  We walked for 7 1/2 hours, rested for 1/2 hour for a total time of 8 hours out.  I couldn’t have been more pleased with our efforts and our achievement!

Sometimes when I walk time has no meaning but this walk wasn’t about that. It was about keeping a pace, about progressing solidly and strongly over different terrain.  It was a meditative experience that I thoroughly enjoyed and thankfully didn’t suffer too strongly from – one and a half blisters and some slight stiffness in the hips plus a very thirsty nights sleep!

Walking has taught me and reminded me of so many things.  This time it was a reminder of my inner and physical strength, my ability to set a task and accomplish it.  It was all the sweeter having completed it with my daughter who, at 15 years old was no doubt oblivious of the inner marching soldier lurking within her mother.






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