‘Women’s magazines have got better and now show more diversity.’ paraphrasing Marina Go, Q&A Monday 3rd Oct


On Monday Marina Go, GM of Hearst Australia at Bauer Media (Harpers, Elle, Cosmopolitan Mags) was on Q & A. She said that magazines have got much better at portraying women and are more diverse.

Today I bought Cosmo to have a look.

Front page: Slim woman wearing bondage gear.


Inside cover: Two page spread of skinny blonde in bikini bottoms that wouldn’t cover half of my lady garden (only joking hahahaha)

Next 2 pages: Lady with lots of make-up on lounging on a bed

Next page: Puppies (dog kind) and a lady in a white swimming costume and full make-up. She’s probably got her period. People always wear white in magazines when they have their periods.

Page 8: First bit of writing, a letter from the editor who is the first woman portrayed who is doing something other than looking like furniture. She’s white.

Page 9: Skincare ad.

Page 10: Skincare ad

Page 11: A man!!!!! It’s a man and he’s pointing at a car.

Page 12: Skincare tools ad.

Page 13: Weird jelly baby article. Apparently you can get alcoholic jelly sweets now. Awesome – sugar AND alcohol. Double quick death.

Page 14: Skinny white woman giving us tips on what she would do. Who cares to be honest??

Page 15: BOOKS – wow, some book reviews only they all look shit. One is a book called ‘doing it’ it’s about sex. I bet it starts off by telling you to shave everything then smother yourself in the products found on page 9, 10 and 12 before dr/eating page 13.

Page 16: Clothes you can buy. I’ll save you time, skip that page, the clothes are shit.

Page 17: Blonde, attractive woman modelling hair awesomeness thanks to a shampoo that a man made.

Pages 18-19: A thought provoking article “you reveal your most embarrassing what-was-I-thinking-moments”. FUCK me, this is lame.



Diversity lives here apparently.

I beg to differ Ms Go.

My view on all of this is as follows.

It would help if women’s magazines focused on portraying women doing stuff and not just them hanging around looking glam but disinterested in life. ¬†Diversity in interests not just bodies.


No doubt at 42 I’m far too old for this magazine. I already know how to have a good time.

Amanda x

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