Lifters and Leaners – A Poem


We are being run like a company
A crap one at that
Where the staff lose incentive
and bosses get fat
The lifters turn up and clock on and clock out
While the leaners drink coffee
produce spreadsheets and shout:

‘It’s all for your own good
not that you’d understand
unpopular decisions,
Necessary for this land.
I’ll come down and squash you
If you get in our way
You know we’ve got power
and we’ll use it OUR way’

So the lifters, the wage-slaves
self-employed and small biz
Know their place and what happens
when one gets in a tiz
It seems futile to fight them
But fight them we must
Because we don’t do our 8 hours
To fuel greed and mistrust

So I’ll stand up and shout this
I can’t stand this Mike Baird
and his governments culture
paternalistic, self-entitled, un-cared

and before you scream ‘leftie’
Our left’s also unhinged
There’s rot in all corners
Corrupt motives, power binged
So what is the answer?
Don’t know and can’t tell
but if Trump wins the White House
We’re going to hell.

After thinking a minute
I’ve got an idea
We should withdraw our money
THAT feeds the crap here
So go check on your mortgage,
finance, super and banks
Choose those that don’t bullshit
It’s hard but worth the chance.

Question lies
And write letters
Stand up for a fair go
Because they might have our bollocks
but they ‘ain’t got our mojo

The last straw for me was the news I just heard
That our superfund managers get $1m bonuses?
Especially when the bonus is fed by a lie
Of environmental protection
While we dig on the side.

I know this ain’t all Baird’s fault
But he’s part of the rot
And if we don’t start questioning
The rot just won’t stop.
The planet’s not an externality
Nature’s value should count
As should fairness and honesty
yes, those ‘family values’ we shout about.

So as we work through this Friday
there’s just one thing to ponder
and that’s what are we valuing
if we support this for much longer?
While I don’t like the Baird man
It’s not a party specific type of rot
It’s an entitled culture
That just has to stop.

Let’s make it stop.


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