Why should our genitals define us?


So Miranda Devine wrote this in the Telegraph today and set off my inner ‘what, really?’ alarm.  You see I personally can’t see why we should rely on our genitals to define us.

Miranda Divine

Yes we have been calling people ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ or ‘men’ and ‘women’ for a long, long time.  Yes that’s the way it was when “I was a lad and those houses were all fields” and yes I agree that sometimes there is a little too much Political Correctness and a little too little ‘common sense’ going around.  However,  behind the initial fluff factor lies a serious issue and one that no amount of denial will erase.  For a long time now people have been being born and living their  non-binary gendered lives.  We don’t need to change the way ‘we’ do things to appease them or to conform to a Marxist agenda (I’ve been hearing a lot about that lately, I did look it up to see what all the talk was about and to be honest it is quite interesting but let’s face it, I had never heard of it being a marxist, commy conspiracy to just not want my fanny to talk for me. I personally just prefer people to notice my stunning intellect or my beautiful manners but maybe I’m odd) but we should, at some point in time acknowledge that people don’t always identify with one or the other category.

But that’s not even the whole point.

People like me who are just stock standard females are fine with being referred to in a non-gendered way, in fact I would find that quite refreshing.  Again, call me a weirdo but I’m not into seeking out ‘women’s only business groups and that’s not because I don’t think they have a value because I know many women that love that kind of interaction  but for me personally I don’t find being a woman my most important feature in business and if I want to network I’d want to be networking with the best minds possible and not the best genitals.  That sounds harsher than I want it to but I hope you get my drift?

And then there are the bathrooms. I LOVED the gender neutral bathrooms in Sweden when we visited a couple of years ago. OK it wasn’t the number one highlight and couldn’t even top cinnamon buns for the best thing of the day but I did find it refreshing to publicly acknowledge that one toilet for all will not make the world go blind or catch herpes.

Back to the article.

You can see the emotive language just oozing out of this article from the headline ‘subverts parents rights and values’.  Now this is being linked to the safe schools program, a program that has been controversial in Australia and has been hard-fought by the Conservative right and that’s their choice of course.  However, to state that a school dropping the use of the word ‘girl’ when addressing pupils is going to somehow ‘subvert parents rights’ is a bit rich.  I guess you could argue that it was a slippery slope down the path of ‘anything goes’ but I would suggest otherwise.  We have (mostly) accepted that girls and boys can grow up and become anything they want to in life be it a fighter jet pilot, a priest or a ballet dancer – We are not quite there yet with non-binary gendered kids but as this article is currently stuck on the first step that might be a bit much to ask – so why do we have to keep re-enforcing gender every time we speak?

The short answer is we don’t.

It doesn’t make a girl who is happy being a girl feel any less of a girl to be addressed by either their name ‘good job Agatha’ vs ‘good girl’ and neither should it.  In fact the only thing re-enforcing gender does is re-enforce gender. Why do we feel the need to do that? What are we trying to protect or defend here?

To accuse a school of subterfuge for just getting with the times and slackening the reliance on gender re-enforcement is more than a bit rich, it’s borderline farcical and only makes sense if you do subscribe to the marxist conspiracy theory.  Given that most people with high school aged children will be my age group I doubt many of them will have a clue what you are going on about and of those that do many would possibly shake their heads in disbelief.  It seems to me that the only people who are consumed by this marxist uprising fear are the far right and I think the best way to handle that is for them to stop the name calling, mud-slinging and false accusations and actually listen to what many high school students are saying, feeling and living as being gay, trans, bi or otherwise gendered is actually not such a big deal any more and neither should it be but then again I would say that because according to the Telegraph I’m just another lefty looser.

Words are powerful, let’s choose them carefully.



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