Sydney. War on the Western Front.


They are not listening, ‘they’ being the government.

The fact that they lost ground right across Western Sydney, even losing strategic seats that they thought were safe is not worthy of mention now that ‘they’ have a mandate to rule.

Mandate to rule…….

I wonder what that means.


I take the point that as the LNP have won a majority of seats they do fit the description of having a mandate to do something and that something is head up our government and not (as seems to be the interpretation) a mandate to tell us all what we will like whether we actually like it or not.

Given the following:

Nationally first preferences for the two major parties were pretty low:

First Preferences by party

28.59% for Liberal

35.71% for Labor


The only thing I feel the government has a mandate for is to listen very carefully to the people and to consider and be grateful for the wide range of views that got them their precarious mandate.

And when it comes to listening Western Sydney is where that listening should start:

Western Sydney is LABOR. Here are the swing numbers:

Paramatta + 6.19% swing

Lindsay  + 3.98%

Chiffley + 8.42%

Greenway  + 3.71%

McMannon  + 7.5%

Macquarie  + 7.04%

Fowler   + 4.84%

Blaxland  + 8.51%

So when the minister for major projects Paul Fletcher rocks up on radio to talk up his big-ticket item ‘Badgery’s Creek Airport’ with Wendy Harmer I suggest he take a good look at these figures followed by a deep and reflective look at his policies and proposals before he declares with confidence that the airport and the ‘jobs and growth’ mantra that accompanied it had little impact on voting behaviour.

Us Westies are not stupid.

And neither are we in the habit of liking it when a Northern Beaches liberal tells us what we need and want.


PS: I am not implying that the airport was the number one issue for the liberal party losing votes. It may not have even been in the top ten across the region but it was one of a number of key issues that contributed to the slide and each one of these issues deserves to be dealt with rather than ignored or minimised.




2 thoughts on “Sydney. War on the Western Front.

  1. Hi Amanda, I read some comments on Facebook re Wendy Harmer asking the question re the election results in WS but it sounds like the link to the airport was not mentioned. I think your blog sums it up, I just wish the link between the election results in WS for both parties re the airport would get through. I’m not good with the technology so is there any way your blog could be sent directly to particular people, eg ABC radio hosts, parliamentarians. Even to Mark Greenhill and others who might be able to pass it on?

  2. RealizeBeautyEd

    Hi Liz, the airport was not mentioned as a reason the liberals polled so badly out west. Wendy only mentioned the text comments once the minister had gone and then made the comment ‘oh well, it looks like that horse has bolted and it’s full steam ahead for the airport’ and onto the next story. I was so angry at that comment as it is totally unhelpful and untrue. With regards to the blog articles if you want to send them on you can email people a link to them. I do put them on my Facebook page and Twitter but I feel a bit like I’m shoving myself down peoples throats if I start emailing them around. Best if other people share, that’s how viral marketing works 🙂 Thank you!

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