Has Cory Bernardi won this election?


Well, well, well, what do we have here then…….

While the Labor party were justified in coming out all smiles on Saturday night and Sunday morning (large swings going their way) by Wednesday (today) the smiles have slackened slightly as the realisation sinks in that this was indeed a long and bloody battle that neither side really won. Indeed it’s such a crazy world out there right now that even I’m willing the other side to win to help prevent my favoured side having to lead this un-predictable crew through what is sure to be some choppy seas.

But wait a minute,  there is another player rising up from the darkness.  Who could it be????

shocked face

PS: This picture was sourced from this article about the rise of the far right in Austria this year.  Also note I’ve aligned this picture to the centre 😉

1.7 million voters to date ditched the Liberal/ National Coalition and put their flag up in the far right’s camp.  Conservatives with a big C.  Having just dusted myself off from BREXIT (I’m a pommy who would have voted out which has surprised some) I have seen this all before and it ain’t all pretty.

Yes the far right won this election and who is there on that side of the fence to welcome you than the one and only Cory Bernardi and his particular brand of common sense which is absolutely at odds with mine but that’s the trouble with the stuff,  it’s not common and it isn’t always sense.


So what I’m seeing now is the ultra-conservative side of the liberal party stand up strongly together off the back of their impressive (if not worrying to me at least) numbers and shout ‘LET’S GET BACK IN AND STEER THIS SHIP INTO OUR WATERS WHILE THE OTHER TWO ARE STILL LICKING THEIR WOUNDS’ and that’s what’s happening.

As a middle-class (ish) un-assuming white woman business owner who is not a lesbian and has no gay children (to date) I can afford to sit back and watch all of this unfold safe in the knowledge that they will never pick on me directly unless I stand up with my ‘I’m actually a leftie greeny’ badge on (which I kind of just did……) .  But not everyone is me and I am worried about that. However, what has happened has happened.  I know people, good, decent people who share the concerns and aspirations of some of these far right voters and while I don’t agree with the conclusions they draw I have to say that I can see where a lot of this anger, confusion and disillusionment comes from.  That said, understanding is not excusing.  I don’t have to like it and I certainly will not stand back and support any type of racism,  religious persecution or slurs on the sexual orientation of others in the name of any  political ideology or right to free speech (rights come with responsibilities). There is no need to be nasty and no need to harm others.

So this election is what it is and we ignore it at our peril.  1.7 million is a lot of people.  Look around, you probably know a few of them.  May even have a cup of tea or a beer with them after all, being a post-Brexit lefty Brit in a far right oz all I’ve got left is my rich tea biscuits and my Tetley’s cupa tea.

Onwards and upwards comrades.


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