A Song for the NIMBY’s


When the milk you buy is tainted by the smell of corporate greed

When the farmers want a payday but the boss says there’s no need

And the land that raised your children

Is attacked from underneath

That’s the day you know democracy is dead.

So don’t just stand their feeling down and shaking heads


When the gate you used to lock is not your own to stand behind

And the trees you love just got incinerated in the night

And the motorway is coming and your house is in the way

And the bastards, yes the bastards just won’t pay

Got arrested just for standing up today!


Airport EIS is riddled with mistakes, that’s by the way

Because the lobby group saw to it that there’s no bad news today

And the jobs for Western Sydney come with no sleep and no air

But that’s OK ‘cause you’re ‘out there’ and we’re not you

We won’t be shedding tears to blur our harbour view.


And in case you feel like dancing we’ll be having none of that

‘Cause the lock-out laws are made to keep Star City Growing fat

And live music is corrupting

‘Cause it’s art and art is dead

So you’d better all be getting home to bed.

Like the corporate suited plutocrats have said.


Well there has never been a more exciting time to stand as one

To cast off NIMBYISM tag lines and to march to that one drum

‘Cause at the heart of all that matters is the people that create

The city, district and the regions we want great

Deserving of an equal voice in this debate


Democracy is for the people and the people are not dumb

You can remove elected members but you can’t move everyone

And you won’t be able to hide behind consultants and some cash

When the sky and the economy both crash.

Because your lies will come and kick you in the ass!


So as there’s never been a more exciting time to stand as one

Let’s just get on up and do it

I’ll be there, just come along

You’re worth more than just a number in another rich mans game

And I know that you and I both feel the same

And together we can try to change the game.

We can change the game.



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