Protesting against Western Sydney Airport


no western sydney airport

I got my sign

I’m gonna shout
And tell the world
What it’s all about
This airport sucks
It’s a crap idea
To blow pollution
Far and near
To increase smog
And NoX
The lack of sleep
Increased need for xanax.

I gonna let
The people know
I want fast rail
And the jobs that go
With making tracks
Out of Aussie steel
And provide jobs
That are bloody real

And a train that runs
On solar power
Get from south to north
In a couple of hours
Easier to access
For the preggo’s and old
You could ride your bike on
No need to fold.

I want a hub
In the wild, wild west
Cause we’ve got space
And men in vests
Eager to build
Deserving of a life
Where work and play
Is paradise
When weekend comes
A quiet walk
In a world heritage
National park

I want this future
For you and me
Because a cleaner future
Can be our reality
And to ignore
Whats clear to see
Makes us thugs
Of history

Amanda x


2 thoughts on “Protesting against Western Sydney Airport

  1. Elizabeth Bryden (Liz)

    Love your poem. I hope you are sending it to the media and proponents of the airport, especially Malcolm Turnbull, Greg Hunt and Darren Chester. Keep it Up!

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