“The catch cry ‘border protection’ confuses national security with refugee policy. In that confusion we lost our moral bearings” Julian Burnside from the Hamer Oration Sep 2015 ‘what sort of country are we?


I just wish someone would tell our Prime Minister that.

Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull addressed the Lowy Institute last night saying this of the latest terror attacks in Brussels:

“European Governments are confronted by a perfect storm of failed or neglected integration, foreign fighters returning from Iraq and Syria, porous borders and intelligence and security apparatus struggling to keep pace with the scope and breadth of the threat,” said the Prime Minister in his written speech.

He also references intelligence confirming that Isil are taking advantage of the refugee crisis to move their people around Europe.

Only the  Brussels bombers were European born and raised.

And with millions upon millions of people on the move it would be unrealistic to expect none of those people to be ‘undesirables’.

The Prime Minister repeated the phrase ‘strong borders’ time and time again and while I understand and appreciate the need to monitor and manage border control there is simply no excuse for how Australia is implementing it’s border control policy.

Every time we play up the idea that asylum seekers and refugees groups are or contain terrorists we do Isils bidding.  Every time we gloss over the fact that the bombers in both the Paris and Brussels attacks were European born and raised we do Isil’s bidding. Every time we detail or turn back asylum seekers we do Isils bidding.

Security goes both ways, it can both maintain our freedom and make us prisoners. There is no such thing as a risk free world and a ‘safety at any cost’ strategy doesn’t come without consequences.


The whole speech can be heard here.



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