Rest In Peace Harper Lee


I only read ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ the year before last, 2014 and that was only because my daughter and I found a reference to it in ‘The Perks Of Being A  Wallflower’ and decided to track down and read all of the books THAT book recommended.  I’m so glad we did.  They were and are all fabulous. Life changing!

Harper Lee lit a candle and left it in a very dark corner of America’s history.  She gave the candle permission to burn and burn it did. It burned quietly at first, memorizing, playful, harmless and cool. But it was hungry, fearless, determined. Before long it had enough strength to reach out, to grow. And grow it did, transforming the very fabric of the building that contained it into heat and light, spreading out in all directions, rolling, reaching. Until that little candle became so fierce, so determined that in the end all you could do is step back in awe and watch it run.

May Harper Lee’s candle continue to burn through the darkness so that we may all live in the light.




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