Lessons from the Reef


The Reef

This holiday season I joined my family on a trip to our Great Barrier Reef just off the coast of Port Douglas, north of Cairns. It had been twenty years since my last visit and I was keen to get a better look and to talk to locals about the reefs health and future.  I’ll discuss that in another post but for now I want to draw your attention to this, a book that I was captivated by on my travels.

Here’s a very quick review for you:

Amazing book, just brilliant. Fantastic historical accounts of commercial reef exploration entwined with sometimes deeply embarrassing and saddening, sometimes joyful and heart warming stories of encounters with first nation family groups. Great reading as another Australia Day draws near, a time when I like to encourage my family to take a good long minute to reflect on what arses we culturally were and still are in some cases.

May we have the insight to steer our present and future actions on a path that rights our historical wrongs.

So there you go.

Amanda x


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