Don’t let’s beat around the bush……


This morning I woke up to an interesting story thanks to my Facebook feed.  I was greeted by the sight of a window display full of merkined mannequins.  Now there’s a sentence I didn’t think I’d ever write……

I found this picture here: HYou might like to have a read of the article too.

I found this picture here: HYou might like to have a read of the article too.

American clothing company apparently renown for their ‘shock’ marketing campaigns decided that their models needed a little (or a lot, depending on your perspective) hair down there to stir up a little controversy,  create a little intrigue, sell a few pairs of lacy knickers.  All of the above.

My smile-come-smirk thought ‘aha, so the bush is coming back into fashion, pity the laser generation…..’  but then I had another, much more interesting thought.

Biologically speaking pubic hair is making a sexual statement. Whether we choose to act on that, share it or keep it to ourselves is our prerogative and ours alone. Whether we find it a turn on or not is immaterial, fashion maybe, cultural ‘norms’, taste……..

Thanks to pop culture and writhing near-nude music videos we have become somewhat desensitized to the pubic area. Women in particular (although not exclusively so) have seen their bits shrunk down almost to obscurity, covered only by a front-thong or a postage stamp. The skin that once marked the start of the personal pleasure zone is now nothing more than an extension of the belly.  An area to (ideally) be flat, smooth and free from blemishes. This idea is validated in the fashion world through ultra low-cut jeans and bikini’s that make it impossible to be anything other than bare down there.

But allow nature to take its course and SHOCK HORROR we suddenly realise that we are walking around with our PRIVATES on display!   To quote my grandma ‘well I never’…….

Yes it is fine to show your fake doesn’t-really-exist pubic area but your real one?  TOO RUDE.

Our pubes mark out erogenous zones,  centres of mass reproduction (possibly) and maturity (which I clearly lack at times) but more importantly than all of that they mark out a right,  a right to be a whole, real person and a whole person needs space.

So that second thought that popped into my mind this morning was to do with space ‘wow when you look at it that way the pubic (private) area is quite large, quite powerful, quite……. something’.

And I think that is profound.

You can see the window display here on the Huffington Post website.