Re-Framing Monotony


I don’t even want to write it. Shall I…… well as I can’t think of a better introduction it will have to do.


As a mother I am often doing stuff that I find quite monotonous.

Here is a handy check list so that I can see that monotony in dot form:

  • Mopping the floor
  • Ironing clothes (sometimes)
  • Cooking anything. I don’t like cooking
  • Washing up
  • Wiping down bench tops
  • Picking up dog poop
  • Stopping work at 3.15 to do the school run.
  • Listening to kids saying ‘MUUUUUUUUM there is nothing to eat’
  • Running kids to and from activities.
  • etc.

It isn’t that it is all bad. I sometimes enjoy these activities and sometimes find them to be the most exquisite breaks in my otherwise thrilling life as a cosmetic chemist and writer (ehem).

But sometimes they are just boring.

So while frantically mopping the floor just now before the off-the-bus stampede I was thinking about how I could be more grateful about these things.

Grateful for washing up?

Been there, done that and the novelty wears off (for me anyway. Maybe I was born on the wrong side of the bed).

No, I need something more exciting than gratitude. Something more DYNAMIC.

I’m choosing to re-frame my monotony by adding the word ‘fun’ to every chore list.

Here’s how that might look

  • Mopping the floor  becomes  Finding a way to make mopping the floor FUN! I could do it naked,  while on roller skates, using our little fluffy doggie as the mop (nooooo I wouldn’t do that),  Do it while being timed to see if I can beat my own world record.
  • Ironing clothes (sometimes) becomes…… I can’t think of any way to make that fun.  Maybe I’ll just get the kids to do that for themselves.
  • Cooking anything (I don’t like cooking) becomes the ‘let’s cook something different once a week challenge’,  the ‘let’s only cook with green food day,  you can only eat with your fingers,  chop stick day, left over sculpting and so on.
  • Picking up dog poop becomes an adventure in who did which poo?  what has the dog been eating today?  How far can I fling the poo?  How many flies are on poo city?  Does the poo look like anyone famous?
  • Ferrying the kids to and from activities can be heaps of fun if I do it wearing a wig or a gorilla outfit,  with my eyes closed (again no…..),  by choosing a different route,  by playing eye spy, by  hosting a 5 minute (or whatever the journey time is) debate about something that was on the news.

I know this isn’t a new idea but it is an idea that seems refreshingly new and wonderful to me today.

Now where did I put that gorilla suit and the roller skates……

Amanda x


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