What I saw at the supermarket this week!!!!!


From time to time I forget that I am an adult and upon seeing inappropriate behaviour from a child I laugh and think about sharing it via a blog post or Facebook update rather than step in and help sort it out.

This behaviour isn’t something that I am proud of and one day (when I have enough cash or care enough – whatever comes first) I’ll seek therapy to help ‘cure’ me.  In the meantime I will keep on sharing.

So, this week while I was standing in the queue at the local grocery store I witnessed a small child navigate the fruit and veggie section with his TONGUE.  Yes he licked every part of the display that was within reach. He even stopped and have a double lick of the cauliflower (DUDE, that’s gross) which I found extra amusing as I only eat cauliflower with a rather unhealthy dollop of cheese sauce. Who’s the adult now then???

I didn’t run over and inform the mother, I actually didn’t need to as his cauliflower enthusiasm had rendered him oblivious for long enough for mother to catch sight of him and pull him AWAY FROM THE VEGETABLES. Thank God for that.

What I learned from this experience was this:

  • I should always wash my fruit and veggies before eating them.


  • I am capable of outbreaks of inappropriate behaviour that is not in the community interest.

Oh well, there is always tomorrow…….

Amanda x


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