Hey I found Jesus on my sisters dog’s butt (Or is it an Eskimo)……


You know those people who say ‘yeh well I’m not religious but I am very spiritual’  well I think I’m one of those. Well, when I say ‘I think I’m one of those’ I actually have no idea as I find it very hard to pigeon-hole that kind of stuff.

When I think about it I’m probably more of a freestyle Pi (as in Life of Pi) than Richard Dawkins even though I would never go so far as to say that I was a member of any religion.  I just believe that everything is lovely and in the grand scheme of loveliness there is nothing more lovely than love its self.

So I love everything. Mostly. Well, I try.

And I especially love dogs.

This is my sisters dog and look – we think we spotted Jesus on her arse hole.

Eskimo or Jesus

That is if Jesus wore a hoodie…..

Or maybe it is an Eskimo.

I don’t know, but what I do know is that the universal gods of beauty and love work in mysterious ways so I’ll go off to make a cup of tea and ponder that some more.

Lots of love

Amanda the religious freestyler (or should that be free-loader?)



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